The food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries are all very distinct, yet share many of the same material and ingredient requirements. In order to better serve all businesses in these areas, Chemsol Specialities has created a unique Food, Pharmaceutical and personal care ingredient facility to supply a full range of specific and cross-industry products, including chelated minerals for food and nutrition, preservatives, additives, excipients, Fine chemicals and raw materials, including chemical solutions. Chemsol Specialities is well-equipped to be your primary supplier and offers a number of advantages.

All products are manufactured to relevant international standards, with appropriate regulatory approval, Food & Pharmacopoeia specifications and other certifications as applicable.
  • All applicable ingredients additives, excipients and raw materials are created under strict ISO 9001 quality systems and FSSC 22000 incorporating principals of HACCP, ensuring high quality across all products and minimal environmental impact where possible.
  • All applicable ingredients are passes as per KOSHER & HALAL
  • Most modern QC, QA & production equipment along with highly skilled professionals in all wings related to Research, Manufacturing & Marketing.
  • We offer specialized packaging solutions, built on our own extensive experience with the logistical challenges produced by fragile, unstable and reactive products. This ensures that all products retain their properties throughout the supply chain.

Food, Pharmaceutical & Personal Care Ingredients